Amanda Barry ACC, CPCC

I'm a professionally trained coach working with individuals, entrepreneurs and those wishing to move forward in their business, career or personal life.

Connecting with your life purpose is just one of the benefits of working with a coach - and learning to go after what truly fulfills you is another. If you find yourself at a personal or career crossroads, coaching can help you find the right path. If you want to get more from life, working with a coach is a great place to start.


It's a safe, confidential, inspiring relationship like no other.

I can promise that if you are ready, coaching has the power to not just help you get in touch with your dreams

- it will help you live them too.

"Amanda is a naturally gifted coach with a razor-sharp intuition. She creates an incredibly warm and trusting environment within which you can both explore the parts of yourself which you have been avoiding, as well as dream of the future for which you've been longing". Cat UK

"Amanda is a naturally talented coach, with an unbelievable intuition...I can't thank her enough for her knowledge, ability, understanding and support and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a coach".  Eleanor, UK

"I would thoroughly recommend Amanda if you are feeling at a crossroads, if you want to move forward but unsure of which direction to go in. Amanda will coach you and encourage you to have the confidence to see your own capabilities and strengths to the point where the decision and direction becomes very clear."    Anita, UK

"Amanda and I worked together for a number of months. I found the experience to be challenging, thought provoking and positive. We developed an excellent rapport and she enabled me to both discover and

explore some aspects of myself that I am not sure I was fully aware of.

This has helped me move forward in both my career and personal life. Thank you! "   Sue, UK



Whatever your own particular career goals may be, as your coach I will be there in your corner, totally committed to helping you get where it is you want to be - and if you don't know where that is yet, I'll be there to help you discover the right path for you.

Whether you run your own business or on the career ladder elsewhere, working with a coach means you will have a trusted, confidential, independent voice and supporter, detached in a way that family and friends just can't be.


Taking the time to reflect on what is truly important to us, what gives our lives meaning, is one of the brilliant benefits of working with a coach. 

When we know this, we can start to connect with our life purpose and understand what we were truly born to do.  


With this new insight, decisions that may have been troubling us become easier. The path ahead clearer. 

Discovering your life purpose is like finding your own personal North Star. It will help guide you to where you were destined to be. 



Sometimes it's tough to know which path to take or how to move forward in your life.

Imagine if you had the space to get in touch with what you really want? Working with a coach gives you that space - and the chance to start living the life you always wanted. 

Whether it's a work-related issue or personal or both, we'll work together to help you discover the right way forward for you.  


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Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

I love being a coach. It is the most rewarding work I've ever done because coaching truly has the power to change lives for the better. I have personally benefited from coaching throughout my career, so I know first hand how powerful working with a coach can be. 


I discovered coaching when running my first business over 20 years ago. I wanted to grow the business but didn't know how, so I began working with a coach. She was to prove to be an invaluable support over the next few years, helping me navigate the often challenging and sometimes isolating experience that running your own business is.


Later on, inspired by my own personal experience, I started to offer a mentoring/coaching service to MDs of small businesses. The feedback I received was instant and positive. I realised then that I had found something very special. My career took a different path for a while but I always kept the dream of becoming a coach alive. 

I was finally able to train to become a coach with the world renowned Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) in 2017 and attained the gold standard qualification in coaching. I am now a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC),  and an ACC certified coach with the International Coaching Federation.

That's my story - now what about you? If you are curious to find out whether coaching is for you, just drop me a line or give me a call. I'd love to be the coach that helps you on your journey. 

About Co-Active Coaching: The oldest and largest in-person coach training organisation in the world, CTI® has trained over 55,000 coaches and has also trained employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training Program is widely recognised as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.



Your Questions Answered



In a nutshell, coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. 


Coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of your life including work, finances, health, relationships, fun, recreation and personal growth.  Coaching is a dynamic process that is focused on working with you to support you moving forward with your life.


It is different from counselling or psychotherapy which is more retrospective and therapeutic in nature. 


Yes. I encourage all my new clients to have a free 30-minute taster with me to check if coaching if right for them. It also means I can see if our chemistry is right for us to be able to do the best work together. To book a session, simply send me an email using the Get In Touch form below.



Option 1: £125 per session (1 hour) 

Option 2: £90 per session (45 mins)

Option 3: £70  per session (30 mins) 

All initial 'Discovery Sessions' are 1.5 hours 

A minimum of 6 sessions is strongly recommended to ensure the momentum necessary for achieving beneficial results. 

Discounted pricing packages available. Please speak to me to find out more. 

Students/Concessions: I'd be happy to explore special price options with you.  


I coach by either telephone, Zoom or Skype.


I ask all clients to commit to an initial 6 sessions to kick-start the coaching process. After that, it is up to you to continue for as long as the sessions are helpful. 


What to know more? Just drop me a line below and let's talk.