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Professional Coach  
Amanda Barry

Amanda Barry

I'm a professional coach who works with women who are ready for change.


It may be things have got out of balance, or a feeling of being stuck. Maybe it's a relationship that could be better, or the way ahead just isn't clear. 


The women I work with know themselves but now they want a new way of being.  

Perhaps they are also tired of people pleasing, saying yes when they mean no and always putting their needs last. 

Working with me, they begin to draw boundaries that stick, make decisions that feel right and learn new, life-changing ways of thinking. 

Want to find out how this could be you too? Just book a call.  

Click on the link and the tech will do the rest! 



I feel like I am different professional to the one I was 6 months ago

Amanda has helped me truly reflect on the kind of working experience I envision for myself, and take active steps to get there. In addition to considering helpful guardrails and boundaries to protect my time, she has helped me get to the core of some of the drivers that were preventing me from disconnecting. I feel like I am a different professional to the one I was 6 months ago, and definitely recommend working with Amanda – sooner rather than later!

Anna, London, UK

A robust, challenging but supportive coaching experience

Amanda provides a supportive coaching experience with an emphasis on personal growth and finding your own path from your deepest desires and inclinations. It was very valuable to reprioritize my own career in this context, and focus more on myself at the centre – thank you Amanda for showing me the way.

Catherine - Washington DC, USA

Working with Amanda has been an essential part of my schedule

Working with Amanda through the last few challenging months has been an essential part of my schedule, enriching my life and stopping me from losing myself in stress and self doubt. I now find myself more grounded, more present and looking positively to the future. I can't thank her enough for her knowledge, ability, understanding and support and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a coach.

Eleanor - Edinburgh, Scotland

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