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I launched my first business aged 28. By 38, I was burnt out.

I started as many do, working from the kitchen table. My one-woman PR agency quickly built into a successful business. Within a few years I was employing a great team and owning my own city office. The agency went on to win a national award and was one of the first in UK to gain a new industry standard. That business was my life. I loved it but it consumed every bit of me and after ten years, I wasn't just exhausted. I was burnt out. 

So I closed the business, took time out to rest and write a book, while wondering what to do next. The answer came from an unexpected source. A job opportunity to work on environmental campaigns for the UK government. This was a chance to give something back, to use my skills for the good of the planet rather than just shareholder profit. 

I really loved the work but unfortunately not the system. I lasted 2 years before I was back working for myself. The passion for environmental work stayed with me though and I began providing consultancy on fascinating issues such as renewable energy, marine conservation, ethical food production, climate change, recycling and the circular economy. At night school, I took a BSc in Environmental Studies to deepen my understanding and knowledge.  

Then one day I decided it was finally time to follow a secret ambition - to train as a life and business coach. I had discovered the power of coaching when running that first PR business. I found a coach who helped me get out of overwhelm, gain perspective and start making decisions based on what mattered most. I know if we had worked together sooner, I would have steered a much wiser course and avoided the exhaustion that led me to walking away from all that I had built.

It was a hard lesson to learn, but one I’m now using to help others avoid the same fate. 

I want others to experience the transformative power of coaching and to discover that often the answers we are seeking are not out there somewhere, but already inside of us. We just need to learn how to unlock them. Having a full-on career will demand a lot of you, but it doesn’t have to consume you. 

And no-one has to burn out. 

Now you’ve read my story, I’d love to hear yours.  Book a call with me today and let’s talk. 

About Co-Active Coaching
I wanted to train with the best, so I chose the Co-Active Training Institute, one of the world’s leading coaching training organisations and became certified with the International Coaching Federation. 
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