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It's time to invest in YOU

If you feel uncomfortable about focusing on yourself with so many other priorities - don't. Trust me, working with a coach will be one of the best investments you'll ever make. Remember, your business' best asset is you. 

Here’s what you can expect from working with me as your coach:

  • You’ll get clear on what you want and start taking the right steps to get you there. 

  • You’ll discover new insights and learn how to overcome the things that have been holding you back.

  • You’ll drive your business rather than the business driving you. 

Here's what my clients say:

A robust, challenging but supportive coaching experience

Amanda provides a robust, challenging but supportive coaching experience with an emphasis on personal growth and finding your own path from your deepest desires and inclinations. It was very valuable to reprioritize my own career in this context, and focus more on myself at the centre – thank you Amanda for showing me the way.

Catherine, Washington DC, USA

Working with Amanda has been an essential part of my schedule

Working with Amanda through the last few challenging months has been an essential part of my schedule, enriching my life and stopping me from losing myself in stress and self doubt. I now find myself more grounded, more present and looking positively to the future. I can't thank her enough for her knowledge, ability, understanding and support and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a coach.

Eleanor, Edinburgh

I feel motivated and more productive

Working with Amanda had been very special.  As a freelance creative consultant, I had never explored my personal and career goals in such depth before. There was a lot to unpick and I thank her for her patience and holistic approach. 


We worked together for over a year and a half and in that time, I have seen many changes in my personal development. The key to this has been finding a sense of purpose, which has encouraged me to change my career direction, and the result has benefitted all other aspects of my life and relationships.


Through our work, I now understand my core values and can keep on track by ensuring they are being met in my work and personal life. I feel motivated and more productive. 


 The best bit, through working with Amanda I find myself on the road to a new profession in photography and establishing a creative studio in my own style. I am actively working towards career dreams, which, when we began working together, I had written down and they seemed near impossible. 

Thank you so much for your time, caring support and insights. 

Olivia, London

I've been able to regain my equilibrium and improve my work-life balance

Amanda has acted as a coach to me for the last 3 years. It started when my employer of 30 years was in the media for all the wrong reasons and I just wanted to escape. Amanda was able to help me tease apart my own identity from that of my employer, regain my equilibrium and improve my work-life balance. Since then, I've also faced an organisational restructure, family problems, health issues, and now Covid. Having regular sessions with Amanda has helped me come through all of these with more resilience.

Rachel, Oxford

A naturally gifted coach with razor-sharp intuition

Amanda is a naturally gifted coach with a razor-sharp intuition. She creates an incredibly warm and trusting environment within which you can both explore the parts of yourself which you have been avoiding as well as dream of the future for which you've been longing.

Cat, London

Find out more about my journey to becoming a coach here.

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